NESCAFÉ Mixes for Young People 比賽結束

Invent a new coffee mix experience for young people!

€ 5,000
平面設計 - 創意寫作

NESCAFÉ was the first coffee brand to offer soluble coffee mixes, which are made of a blend of soluble coffee, creamer or milk-based powder and sugar. People just add water for a creamy and sweet cup of delicious coffee. NESCAFE Mixes are sold all over the world, but are particularly liked by young people in Southeast Asia (the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore) who like the idea of coffee, the ritual and the benefits more than the coffee itself.

NESCAFÉ wants to understand what these young people most want as part of their coffee experience. Specifically, NESCAFÉ is looking for innovative ideas to evolve the existing coffee mix single-serve stick or sachet experience for 18 to 24-year-olds, who are still experimenting and acquiring the taste for coffee.  

Innovate on the NESCAFÉ Mixes coffee experience so it is more enjoyable for young people starting to enjoy coffee.

Format : 2 pages presentation