BIC 4Colours Video 比賽結束

Want to keep your 4Colours pen? Find ingenious ways to protect it!

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BIC is a French brand that was created in 1945. In 1970 Bic launched the BIC 4Colours, which was the first and original multicolor ball pen. With its unique barrel shape, its white top and the sound of its 4 pushers, this pen is quite unique and loved by teens, students and adults.

It's convenient (4 pens in 1), it helps organizing notes with color codes, in one click you change colors. It is also playful and releases stress: people play with the pushers with their fingers. It is very stylish and can fit any personality: there are many different designs (shiny, decorated version, limited edition, etc.), one for each mood or person. 

4Colours is so convenient and fun that it is the most stolen pen*! It is such a cool accessory for young people that it has an irresistible attraction. Whether it be in class rooms, universities or anywhere else, they can be found, and these pens are very often stolen! Each person has his / her own tactics to protect his / her cherished pen.

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Format :  Video of 15 to 40 seconds max.