A credit card’s irresistible new benefits 比賽結束

What exciting and irresistible new benefit can a credit card offer to its clients?

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Because the market is very competitive, banks have added many new benefits to credit cards to attract new clients. For example, participating in a reward program, accumulating points to get presents.

Some benefits encountered immediate fame and success: one of them was the “event Pre-Sales” & VIP programs. As a credit card owner, you have access to pre-sales for shows, concerts, or sports events. You are sure not to miss that event you have dreamed of, and you could also have access to backstage passes, to meet with the artist or the sportsman.  When this benefit was introduced, it was a major hit!

Our client, who is a major company operating in the field of credit cards, would like to offer new benefits to its clients. It needs to be a breakthrough and so irresistible that people would want to get that credit card as soon as they hear about the offer. Can you help?

Format: presentation with text and visuals (3 pages max.)