Trésor / Krave - Innovation for teens 比賽結束
eÿeka Express

Invent a new and disruptive concept to attract French teens to Trésor cereal.

€ 2,500
插畫 - 標簽與包裝設計

We’ve all been teenagers and we know this age comes with a lot of pleasure and a lot of pressure. Teenagers are in transition, moving from childhood to adulthood, trying to define who they are and make choices for the future. Breakfast is a very interesting moment of a teen’s daily life, as it’s a transition from sleep to waking up to their day ahead. For teens, breakfast is a bubble – a moment set apart, where they move slowly from the comfort of their bed to the pressure of the day ahead. What they eat is important.

Trésor / Krave is a French success story, launched in France in 2007 it is has consistently been the number 1 teens / kids “ready to eat cereal” brand.

Our mascot, our chocovore brings the personality of the brand to life. It is a cunning rebel who is happy to break and bend the rules to get what he wants, when he wants it. He’s mischievous, tricky, disruptive and sometimes Machiavellian in his pursuit of chocolate! Teens are true Chocovores at their core. The Chocovore behaviour (following instincts to get what they want) represents teens’ mindset in everything they do, starting with chocolate – it mirrors their own obsessive behaviour, constant cravings, devious strategies and voracious appetites.

Invent a new and disruptive concept to attract French teens to Trésor cereal !

Format : Two pages PDF with visuals and text