What's In A Glass 比賽結束

Show how families that are active together are more bonded and connected, both physically and emotionally.

€ 5,000
創意寫作 - 劇本寫作

With today’s busy lifestyle, regularly spending quality time to do fun activities together is sometimes a challenge: perhaps dad works late hours and has conference calls in the evenings or the kids have enrichment classes over the weekend. It always seems that at least one member of the family is missing and there is never the time to all be together.

Dutch Lady knows that milk gives physical strength and energy, and progressive family values, such as being active and playing together as a family, provide emotional strength and resilience. Together, they provide a holistic family strength that is more than just strong bones and healthy teeth.

Show how Dutch Lady helps build physically and emotionally strong families that bond and connect because they are active together.

Format: a presentation with text and visuals (maximum 3 pages, PDF).